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Dedicated graphic design

Intuitive administrator panel

Cooperation cycle

At the first stage of our work on the project, we compile a list of pages and subpages, i.e. a site map. The next step is to prepare an outline of each of the planned pages. The outline presents the distribution and arrangement of all elements, which, in turn, enables the development of a project prototype, and then, graphic design.

This stage is crucial for the success of your website. Based on the guidelines provided by the client, our experience and trends in a specific sector, we produce a few graphic designs. After a careful analysis and presentation of each of them, we select the one that made the greatest impression.

This is the next-to-last step on the way. With a ready-made graphic design, we can move on and fill the page with content. You can manage your contents at any time by using the administrator panel.

We provide maintenance services for all websites we have built for life. We wish to provide our clients with highest quality services only, and keep in touch.

Every website we build is compatible with all browsers
Regardless of display resolution the website will remain functional
Simple and intuitive administrator panel for content management
Possible integration with social media websites
Twelve-month warranty on all services. Possible payment in instalments
Search engine friendly website (Google, Bing, Yahoo)